Keto Meal Plan 28 Days: For Women a…

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Keto Meal Plan 28 Days

Easy Keto Recipe Cookbook For Beginners

In this Keto Diet Meal Plan you will find:

  • Complete keto friendly meal plan
  • Nutritional info for every recipe
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner menu
  • Keto friendly food picture guide
  • Keto shopping list
  • Great gift for Christmas and birthdays
  • All recipes come with nutritional information and serving size.

    Get Your Copy Today!

    This 28 Day Keto Meal Plan cookbook comes with pictures for all the yummy recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It is the perfect keto meal prep / meal plan for beginners, great for kids, teenagers, adults, whole families, as well as people who have been on a ketogenic diet for a while that need a boost to get into ketosis. Also included are a few keto friendly yummy desserts and drinks. Our recipes are quick and super easy to prepare so you do not have to spend hours in the kitchen. This keto cookbook is also for diabetics and people who are doing intermittent fasting. Simply choose the meal(s) you want to eat for that day to prepare. To make things even easier, we have provided a shopping list as well as a keto friendly food list, and each recipe comes with nutritional information. This 28 day meal plan can also reduced to 21 days or extended to 30 days. Following a ketogenic diet meal plan can help you get into ketosis fast. Becoming healthy, increasing energy and living a better version of you can be achieved by starting with this easy 28 day meal plan today! Now Available in USA, UK, Europe, and most other countries.

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