Is Organic food worthy To Meet The Consumer Expectations?

Healthiest foods

You must have come accross labels of organic

food sold here everywhere the groceries when

you go out for shoppping. So what does Organic

Foods Mean and is it worthy for you?

What is Organic Food?

Let’s first understand what the term organic food means. According to the definition we have from the USDA is that organic food means that the farm produce must not have been grown by the use of artifical means using of pesticides and synthetic fertilizers, neither must they have gone through genetical modification.

Is Organic food worthy?

At the grocery most products have been labelled as organic.

How do you distinguish organic from genetically modified products?.

Natural: This is a term associated with vegetables and fruits. Most consumers whenever they come accross the term Natural they find it so appealing and convincing but let’s get this straight, all fruits and vegetables are naturally grown.

Wether the plants have been grown organically or genetically modified, the fact is they are all natural. What you want is organic. Now organic means they are free from pesticides and synthetic fertilizers.

By buying and consuming organic food you are helping your body by not ingesting those chemicals into your body. In addition to that you will be assisting in ensuring a clean and chemical free environment.

However, it is important to note that organic products are very expensive compared to genetically modified ones. I would recommend that when shopping for organic products you only focus on the ones you can peel off like oranges and bananas since when you peel off the fore skin you will also be getting rid of the chemicals.

It’s also important that you wash fruits and vegetables with clean running water before using them.

The next term that confuses most people is the, ”Hormone Free”.

This term is always in regard to meat and milk products. However, this is totally a lie and misleading as all animals including man must produce hormones in order to help with regulation of body organs.

The labels mean that the animals were not given hormones unnaturally which is a measure taked to increase milk production. Regardless of these label, milk and meat are still safe for human consumption.

Lastly there’s a label on meat and egss that indicated wether an animal was raised through cages or was penned. This does not affect in anyway the nutritional value of the meat but it is simply the animal rights and also depends on the mode the farmer worked.

It is my hope that you have understood what organic means in terms of food.