Here are free sunny health and fitness you never knew about

The benefits of sun bathing

The sun is a natural source of light. Most peuple would take it for granted since they don’t pay for it. However, the sun is not just a source of energy or light to human beings. A long time a go I used to see infants exposed to the sun after taking a shower. I never knew the benefits until one day it was revealed to me by my grand mother. Today I will discuss a few benefits of sun bathing.

  1. Ensures Stronger and healthier bones:

Our bodies are in need of Vitamin D and the best and easiest ways to get it si to vask around the sun for fifteen minutes. This is important because Vitamin D is able to preserve Calcium hense ensuring that you have stronger bones.

  1. Ensures we sleep well

Alot of people struggle to get good and quality sleep. Sleeping well improves your health and brain as well. Once exposed to the sun, your body system will produce a very important hormone called”Melatonin”. This hormone helps us to fall asleep and it has been discovered that people that spend an hour everyday on the sun sleep well.

  1. Lowers the stress level

Life has become very challenging in this recent days and alot of people are dying slowly from inside due to stress. Lack of proper stress management leads alot of people into a mixture of feelings. Some of them end up committing suicide. Some become drunk addicts. The good news is that you can now lower your stress level by exposing your body every mroning to the sun. Melatonin aside from helping you get quality sleep, it helps the regulatory of your body system because being outside ensures you are enaged in an activity.

4.  An Improved Immune system

The sun ensures that your body continues to have a good immune system which helps in fighting diseases.

There are more benefits out there regarding what the sun could do to you. My advice is that you start utilizing the sun and see it’s benefits.