Health and fitness calculator

Life is a journey that we all want to travel to our destiny and still be strong even in our late stages of life. However, it is no surprise that majority of the people don’t discover what is working and what is not until it’s reached at uncontrollable stage. I sometimes ask myself if I can still be able to lift a 20 litres water container even at the age of 70 to 80 years. Can I walk 1 hour and still be okay? These are some of the questions I keep on asking myself. How do I know am fit enough? How can I measure my health and fitness?

I discovered that I need a health and fitness calculator in my life. I cannot be healthy and fit enough without measuring what is working fine for me and what needs improvement. Most people will not check that. Majority of the people you come across they are too tired to finish the race. The only thing that can make you comfortable and happy in life is if you know you are healthy and fit.

Here is what you should look for in terms of measuring your health and fitness capacity.

  1. Weight:

You need to keep an eye on your weight. Being overweight sees you in uncomfortable position and you are unable to do some activities. Also people that are overweight are an easy target of diseases like high blood pressure.

  1. Rest:

Are you getting enough rest? How many hours do you sleep? I would say that aged people need good sleep for the better of relaxing their minds and ensuring that they live a stress free life. Enough rest ensures that your heart also operates in the right and normal manner.

  1. Hypertension:

Most people find it rare to come to terms with the fact that they have high blood pressure. HBD has become a major killer disease over the recent years and this is because a lot of people don’t check their lifestyle. Smoking is one of the major contributors of high blood pressure. Lack of exercise is another factor here. Ensure that you do some exercises even walking is good for you.

  1. Diet:

The body as it is depends on good food. When I say good food am not referring to expensive junk here. I am actually interested in a diet that consists of all nutrients. How much water do you consume daily? How much proteins, vitamins and energy giving foods are included in your diet? If you would do a research you will be shocked that even water which is a free and essential commodity in our lives is consumed at a very low rate. As a fact most people drink water because they are thirsty not because it is important to them. Water is like gas in a car. Don’t wait until you run out of it, ensure your body has enough of it. The same thing with other foods.

  1. Body Pain:

Body pain is another problem in most people’s lives and as a result they tent to shy away from the truth. What truth? The fact that you are not dealing with your life as a caring person invites the pains you experience in your body. You wake up in the morning and jump into your car, once you are at work you will take the lift to your office instead of the stairs and you will leave the office 8 to 9 hours back to your car and at home. You will then take a shower and sit in front of your TV until you fall asleep. That is not life. It is the most careless way of living. Eating the right food, drinking enough water and doing exercises sees you maintain your body in a more fit position. Your muscles are flexible and you are not prone to unnecessary pains. Getting enough rest gives you that chance to have enough energy. Most people wake up in the morning and they are already too tired.

I think there maybe more than what I have mentioned to look for in yourself but starting with the tips above could see you live a healthy, stronger and happy life.