Fat Burn Machine 6 in 1 Weight Loss…

(as of UTC – Details)

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KINDLY NOTE: Unrechargeable machine, need to plug in when you using it.
【EMS & SONIC BODY SHAPING MASSAGER】Burn fat machine imitates 5 Modes: sliming, scraping, knead, massage, tapping. NOTE: EMS must be used with gloves or pads, otherwise it will have no effect.
【RED/BLUE LIGHT FAT REMOVER MACHINE】Red Light apply for any skin: 620-630nm, used for anti-aging, and wrinkle remover, tighten the skin and skin-beautifying. Make skin look smoother and fuller. Blue Light apply for sensitive and oily skin: 455-470nm, used for acne prone skin, can repair skin and avoid skin inflammation and leaving scars. Make your skin healthy like before.
【IONIC IMPORT & EXPORT FUNCTION】Negative ions can effectively lead nutrition deep into skin and make skin fully absorb nutrient. Positive ions can deeply clean skin, removes cosmetic impurities left on the skin which cannot be removed by washing and exfoliating alone.
【EASY TO USE】This burn fat machine can NOT get hot and feel NOT vibrate. The required mode can be selected on the button easily. Before using the weight loss massager, clean your skin, moisture your skin with weight loss gel or serum, keep on healthy diet and moderate exercise will get a better result.

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