Eat Great, Lose Weight – No Gym Required!

            If you are a person who thinks that you can eat healthy alone and lose weight, then you have been highly mistaken. Trust and believe; you HAVE to workout if you want to lose weight.

Eating healthy is a required part of things, but you cannot rely on it alone. This a misconception that people want to believe – just so that they can have someone (or something) to blame when it does not work out for them.

The fact of the matter is that the gym IS NOT required. You have to think about things from a different perspective. It should only take a 25-minute workout per day to reach your desired goals, within a set period. If you can find the will within yourself to take 25 minutes per day and workout, then weight loss can happen for you.

There are no written laws that say that if it takes you three years to lose 100 pounds, then you have failed. Doesn’t that sound stupid? Who cares? If you do not lose 80 pounds in your first three months, the world is not coming to an end.

That is what the media and marketing corporations want you to believe so that you can go back and forth in a cycle – to start a new plan, then stop. Then start again, then stop. Etc. They only get richer from all of that stuff.

Ignore the media, and the 1 trillion weight loss products out there. Lose weight at your pace, and exercise. You will just have to buckle down and work longer to achieve your weight loss goal. Find a partner that you can work out with together. Alternatively, if possible, get yourself a personal trainer down at the fitness center near you.

Having a workout buddy is a good way to stay focused and motivated until you reach your desired size. Also, you have to trust in yourself and believe that you can achieve your weight loss goal. Just remember, it is up to you; no one else will sincerely care.

Don’t believe the hype about eating all the delicious foods, milkshakes, and pies – without working out. Nor do not believe the hallucination that you can sprinkle some seasoning on your food, and you will lose weight automatically.

Put in the work yourself by exercising, and combine that with eating healthy foods. Only then will you lose weight. Moreover, you will have to keep working out so that you can maintain your desired size and weight.