Deciding the right exercise for yourself



When choosing an exercise for yourself you should bear in mind that it depends on you and what you like doing. For example some people like jogging, others enjoy weight lifting. Choosing to join a gym or buying exercise machines, you should first of all think about yourself before spending any money into such activity. I love cycling and thus I bought myself a mountain bike that every evening after work, I take my bicycle and ride it for some few kilometers.

Choosing something that is not within your passion means you will not venture or dedicate your time and effort into it. In some cases I may say that exercise resembles our passion. The more you do something you love, the more you find it more helpful to yourself. I don’t like jogging so am not ready to wake up every six in the morning to go out there.

If you find it challenging and are not sure of what you are ready to do it just means that you have to go with the one you least hate. I may suggest walking. Walking is one of the greatest and easiest exercises that one can go in for. Walking is easier to start and you don’t need to buy anything to get started. You only have to invest your energy and mindset. Walking is also considered a social exercise as it is easier to find a training partner let’s say your wife, work mate, neighbor etc.

Although choosing an exercise and starting off is a good thing to yourself and considered as a boost to your health, I recommend you start off slowly no what type of exercise you choose. This is because starting off at a high level may result into some injuries. You should build your interest and momentum as days goes. If you decide to go with walking, I suggest starting off with a twenty minutes’ walk. This is easy to pick up as you increase by ten minutes with time.

If you don’t find walking interesting then I suggest you visit a fitness center. Here they have lots of programs and also are equipped with machines as well as trainers. Before joining a fitness center you should thoroughly find out which programs are good for you. If you find a fitness center that doesn’t answer your questions to your satisfaction before you join it just means that they won’t help you in any way even after you join them. Also be sure to check on the quality of their equipment. If you find out that their machines make a lot of noise then it just means that they are not well maintained and so you should not join them.

If you are still unable to decide which exercise is good for you, I suggest golf or tennis. Golf preferably is far much better as you will even be able to meet new people. Tennis is also good one but I wouldn’t recommend it for beginners.